Legal Pricing Made Simple

Automating, for the first time, the fundamental elements of legal pricing into a product that creates high-quality pricing proposals in a fraction of the time.

What is Virtual Pricing Director®?

Virtual Pricing Director® is a cloud-based solution specifically designed to help lawyers produce high-quality pricing proposals in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Achieved through the use of artificial intelligence, best in class templates and structured logic, Virtual Pricing Director® is intuitively usable by any fee earner without any formal training.

  • Built for lawyers not technologists
  • Intuitive and requires no formal training
  • Automatically calculates pricing risk profile
  • Cloud-based enabling any-time / anywhere access

...and so much more


Watch the following 2 minute video to discover how Virtual Pricing Director can enable you to accurately price work in a fraction of the time it currently takes.


Who are the partners?

Virtual Pricing Director® is the result of a game changing collaboration between two recognised leaders in their field.

Validatum® is the foremost architect of legal services pricing practice internationally. A specialist legal services pricing consultancy based in London but with a wide international reach, its founder and managing director Richard Burcher is regarded by many as the leading legal services pricing consultant in the world. Its sole focus is legal services pricing and procurement.

Itself a successful and legal industry multi award-winning collaboration between Validatum® and Jennings Costs, Burcher Jennings combines pricing, costing, costs advocacy and funding to deliver a holistic suite of profitability improvement solutions to law firms.

Richard Burcher - Chairman, Virtual Pricing Director
"The coming together of these 2 power-house firms has enabled us to create something truly revolutionary. I have no doubt that Virtual Pricing Director® is going to drastically alter, for the good, the way lawyers price-up work"
Richard Burcher
Managing Director, Validatum® & Chairman, Virtual Pricing Director®
Richard Burcher - Chairman, Virtual Pricing Director
"Whether you are a high street firm, mid tier or international, VPD is going to make this aspect of your job immeasurably easier."
Martyn Jennings
CEO, Burcher Jennings & CEO, Virtual Pricing Director®

What is the process?

Collaboration draws together and automates for the first time, the fundamental elements of legal pricing;

Master Templates
Client engagement letter
These elements are brought together in a unique workflow
Scenario Modelling
Proposal Drafting
Reporting & Analysis
The Winning Solution

The User Experience

One of the most time-consuming, challenging and often poorly executed aspects of opening a file and commencing a project for a client is the preparation of the budgeting and pricing information which we are required to provide to clients.

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